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    I Went Behind The Scenes At Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings And It Was A Dream

    Best day of your life to the millionth degree.

    If you haven't seen Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings, it's a show in which couples get to live out their — and mine, tbh! — complete Disney wedding fantasy with a customized wedding at a Disney park or cruise.

    Well, the show is back for its second season, now on Disney Plus, and I got the chance to visit the set for a special wedding at Disney's California Adventure Pixar Pier.


    Amanda and Kyle had to put off their wedding plans when their baby was born, so Kyle wanted to give Amanda the wedding of her dreams. It took place at the exact spot on the pier where Kyle proposed!

    The set-up for the ceremony was seriously hurt-me-gorgeous, and I was completely in awe of the level of detail.


    The weddings featured on the show are usually filmed after the parks close for the night, so allll this magic had to be set up and broken down between then and the time the park opened the next morning. It's a whirlwind, you guys.

    And the cake was just as stunning as I imagined it would be.


    And if literally getting married on the pier at California Adventure isn't cool enough, there were a lot of unique Disney touches, like a customized message delivered a´ la World of Color.


    "And they lived happily ever after..."

    During downtime, I got a chance to chat with the show's hosts — and happily married couple — Stephen "Twitch" Boss and Allison Holker to get their take on exactly what makes Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings so special.

    "Disney really is the place that makes your dreams come true because paying attention to the details is in their DNA. And whatever you dream up, they amp it up beyond belief," Twitch told BuzzFeed.

    Disney +/Jenna Henderson

    "(Our show) has a great way of capturing these couples' true essence. So we find ways to make your wedding unique for you, and true to who you are, while also surprising you with new things you didn't even know could happen," Allison added.

    Tell us something that people wouldn't guess about the show.

    Disney +/Jenna Henderson

    "How many hours go into putting it together," Allison told BuzzFeed. "You have to remember, Disney is a full-running ship, so they have to start setting everything up after everyone has left, and it's such an exciting process to watch them set these entire scenes up in a matter of seconds, and then after the wedding, it's taken immediately back down to open up the park the next day. They make so much magic happen when no one else is here. It's really cool."

    Lastly, can you tell us one of the surprises we can look forward to this season?

    Disney +/Jenna Henderson

    "There's a couple this season from Ohio named Ciara and D Quan. Well, Ciara lived a short distance from a marching band, and she could always hear them in the distance, which became kind of the backbone of her relationship with D Quan," Twitch told BuzzFeed. "So how we surprised them was that after we announced, 'Give it up for Mr. and Mrs...' we had the Ohio State marching band enter and start playing! And the looks on their faces were just, wow." "That's the part we really, really love," Allison added, "When we get to surprise them with something they love and capture their genuine reactions."

    "Plus, who doesn't love to watch a great love story?" Twitch added.

    Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings is now streaming on Disney Plus. You can watch the trailer for the show HERE:

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