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17 Hilarious Tweets About Disneyland That'll Make You Say, "Yup. Nailed It."

"Forgot to know where we parked."

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1. On those large crowds:

Lauren Gibson / Via Twitter: @loulougibson

2. On self-control (or lack thereof):

Rachel Roberson / Via Twitter: @under_the_sea96

3. On not quite having that Disney budget:

Typical Girl / Via Twitter: @SoDamnTrue

4. On those insanely long lines:

Adam Berg / Via Twitter: @TheAdamBerg

5. Oh, and on those insanely long lines:

Hannah Holladay / Via Twitter: @hanholladay

6. On that warm, cozy feeling of nostalgia:

Katye Baddeley / Via Twitter: @KatyeBadd

7. And on knowing when it's time to go:

Stephanie O'Dowd / Via Twitter: @SPOontheGO

8. On everyone staying together:

Alyssa Dondero / Via Twitter: @adondero5

9. On the park dangers no one talks about:

10. On adult-ass concerns:

Brittney Marquez / Via Twitter: @BrittneyMarquez

11. And on rookie-ass mistakes:

Shannon Kay / Via Twitter: @shannonkay

12. On real-life parenting goals:

Elle Harper / Via Twitter: @Elle_Harper

13. On important fashion dilemnas:

Ciara Manifold Gore / Via Twitter: @lollipocalypse_

14. On home being where the heart is:

yareli Ledezma / Via Twitter: @yarelish1

15. On defining the term "grown-up" for yourself:

AJ Meijer / Via Twitter: @DigitalActor

16. On the morning after:

Thomas Teller / Via Twitter: @ThomasTeller

17. And on Disneyland staying with you, wherever you go:

Nicole Chenoweth / Via Twitter: @NicoleChenoweth

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