16 Hysterical Dad Fails That Will Take Them A Minute To Recover From

    God bless these sweet, sweet dads.

    1. This dad, who played "airplane" with his baby and forgot that she had just eaten:

    2. This dad, who got a little distracted while his kids' pizza was in the oven:

    3. This dad, who wasn't thinking when he put this message on the kids' Valentine's Day cookie cake:

    4. This dad, whose rolls didn't turn out quite as he expected:

    5. This dad, who couldn't figure out how to get the Easy Mac box open:

    6. This dad, who frosted the cake before it cooled, and the frosting melted right off:

    7. And this dad, who thought this was the perfect message for his baby's first birthday cake:

    8. This dad, who got a "7" balloon for his kid's birthday and accidentally let it go before he could give it to them:

    9. This dad, whose snowman's face scared the crap out of his kids:

    10. This dad, who put his baby's clothes on in the wrong order:

    11. This dad, who was just trying to microwave some peas, and this happened:

    12. This dad, who forgot that he put his kid's tablet on top of his car, and then he drove off:

    13. This dad, who misread the box of Easy Mac and ended up making enough mac 'n' cheese for a whole army:

    14. This dad, who accidentally got Batman's mask stuck on his kid's Spider-Man figure:

    15. This dad, whose cake that he made for his kid just plain collapsed:

    16. And this dad, who tried to surprise the kids as Santa, but it went horribly, horribly wrong: