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    25 Brothers Whose Texts Should Be Printed, Framed, And Hung On Their Siblings' Walls

    Somebody come get these people's brothers.

    1. Oh brothers. They love showering you with gifts:

    2. They give you deep things to think about:

    text from brother asking if the light at the end of the tunnel is us coming out of a vagina
    ledinh16 / Via

    3. They can be pretty damn clever when they want to be:

    4. They know just how to make you feel special...a little too special:

    5. Sometimes they can be a little confusing:

    6. But they're always there for you when you need them:

    7. And they remind you that you're cut from the same cloth:

    8. They trust you with their failures:

    9. They make plans for the future with you:

    10. Sometimes they ask really weird questions:

    11. But they're always checking in on you:

    12. And they expect you to look out for them, too:

    13. They may get a little emo sometimes:

    text where sibling asks if brother is dead, and brother says only on the inside
    68wattsandwhiskey / Via

    14. And when they do, they know you always have their back:

    15. They love sharing special memories with you:

    16. And exciting things that are happening in their lives:

    17. Even when they have a new crush:

    18. And no one makes you laugh quite like they do:

    19. They're super observant:

    20. They always greet you with enthusiasm:

    text where brother says yo yo yo ho what's good mother fucker
    crayyyness / Via

    21. They share their woes with you:

    22. And even their impulsive decisions:

    23. And while they don't always get you:

    24. You can be sure they'll always speak your language:

    25. And you know that together you will always be able to find common ground: