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    Updated on Sep 19, 2019. Posted on Sep 14, 2019

    21 Moms Who Hilariously Summed Up Breastfeeding With A Single Tweet

    "I think my son woke up on the wrong side of the boob."

    Breastfeeding can be totally hilarious. So we rounded up some of the funniest — and most real — tweets about breastfeeding we could find, and any mom who's ever been there will LOL:


    My son just grabbed my boob and said "Mine". I wanted to fight him on it, but he's basically right. #breastfeedingproblems


    Really feel for women who were breastfeeding in olden times. When they got up in the middle of the night, there was no twitter, so they had to wander miles and miles through the dark clutching their babies to ask their neighbors to say one short hot take on each other’s cows.


    Pro tip: Avoid singing “Your milkshake brings all the babies to the yard” when discussing breastfeeding with your pregnant wife. They don’t think it’s funny.


    People: “All you post about is breastfeeding.” Me: “... All I do is breastfeed.”


    Baby is playing the "how far away can I get from mommy and still eat" game. There are no winners. #breastfeeding


    I'm pretty sure I just waterboarded my daughter. #Breastfeedingproblems


    My clothes are divided into ones I can easily pop a boob out of and ones I can't. #breastfeedingprobs


    3-year-old: *hands my breastfeeding wife a Hershey's bar* Wife: Well, thank you. What's this for? 3: The baby wants chocolate milk.


    I think my son woke up on the wrong side of the boob. #motherhood #breastfeeding


    ever wondered how nipple piercings worked with breastfeeding? lol funny story.


    7-year-old upon learning I am pregnant: "It's the breastfeeding that will get ya. Breastfeeding is killer."


    Ate a giant lunch an hour ago. Currently dying of starvation. #breastfeedingprobs


    Squirting yourself in the face with your own breast milk while trying to see if your boob is empty... #mommyproblems #breastfeedingproblems


    Trying on a bra while nursing:(.)(.) "OMG. Look at my BOOBS!!!" Trying on a bra after nursing:[.][.] "OMG. Look at my boobs."


    Still can't believe nobody's ever made a horror movie about breastfeeding a teething baby.


    When your kid opens their mouth to nurse but all you were trying to do was change your shirt 😂 #breastfeedingprobs


    Omg boobs, shut up. Everyone else is sleeping and no one is hungry. Leave me alone. #breastfeeding


    That awkward moment when you're having sex with your husband and your boobs leak #postpartumwoes #breastfeedingprobs 😳😂 #realtalk


    My baby: "2am party, my crib, BYOB" - Bring Your Own Boob #Breastfeeding #MomLife


    Dropped a Dorito on my son while nursing. He's asleep now, so I'll just leave it. Jk it's cool ranch, obviously I'm gonna eat that sucker.


    Co-worker: you seem to have spilled something on your shirt. Me: *looks down* nah I'm just leaking. Co-worker: oh. Oh do you want to v borrow my sweater. Me: nah. I'm good. This is who I am now. #breastfeedingmom #momlife

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