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Ayesha Curry Is Pregnant With A Third Child And I Need To Know Where They're Registered

"Curry party of five."

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Chances are you know (and love!) the Currys – Steph, Golden State Warriors point-guard and two-time NBA Champion, and Ayesha, lifestyle influencer with her own cookbook, TV show, and line of cookware.

And if you've kept up with them even a little bit, you've encountered the undeniable cuteness of their daughters Riley, 5, and Ryan, 2, who are frankly lightyears ahead of the rest of us in sass.

Well, Ayesha posted this gorgeous photo on Instagram Friday – wearing the same T-shirt Beyonce´ famously rocked while pregnant with her twins last year – announcing that she and Steph are expecting a third little Warrior to add to their very adorable bunch.

Ayesha Curry / Via

Ayesha captioned the photo, "Heyyyy how did this happen? Curry party of 5."

And in true "Ayesha's my BFF, she just doesn't know it yet," form, she added this very relatable line to her pregnancy announcement: "feeling very blessed...and very sick." Because stars, they're just like us.