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    17 Totally Horrendous — And Seriously Funny — Baking Fails That Could Have Only Been Committed In 2020

    Surely you didn't think your baking was gonna go right in 2020.

    1. This sourdough bread that came out looking a little alien:

    Kelly Hevel / Via Twitter: @KellyHevel

    2. This cranberry bundt cake that didn't bundt at all:

    3. This turkey cake that turned out right, but also so, so wrong:

    4. These cupcakes that completely overtook the muffin pan:

    biddy / Via Twitter: @hooptylau

    5. This "Fall-inspired" pie, which looks like something out of a horror film:

    6. And this cake, which — for some mysterious reason — totally defies gravity:

    7. This sourdough bread dough that rose...boy did it:

    8. These lemon melt-away cookies that took their name a little too seriously:

    9. These candies, which were left in the oven too long and ended up looking like straight-up nipples:

    10. And this cake, which overflowed in a major way:

    11. This pie, which was left in the oven a tad too long:

    12. These cinnamon rolls, which didn't stay inside the baking dish:

    13. This hedgehog cake, which came out looking like the stuff of nightmares:

    14. These cookies, which all merged into one big one:

    15. These cake layers, which were accidentally cooked well-done:

    16. These cake pops that were never supposed to happen:

    17. And this sourdough bread, which should be the unofficial symbol for the year that was 2020: