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We Want Makeup Artists To Tell Us The Biggest Mistakes We're Making

Foundation and lipstick and lashes, oh my!

A good YouTube tutorial will have us non-pros thinking we're amateur makeup artists.

gilinksygirl / Via

But there's a reason why you're professionals, and we're, well, not.

Comedy Central

So we want you to tell us the most common makeup mistakes we don't even realize we're making.

Maybe it's that we're forgetting to use primer first to pull off a flawless eyeshadow look:

chadiyusaishah_shop / Via Instagram: @chadiyusaishah_shop

Or perhaps it's that we are often using concealers that are too light for our skin tones:

discoverwithdani / Via

Perhaps we're sleeping in our makeup way too often.

natalievontiki / Via

Or not changing or cleaning our brushes often enough.

miss_snape2 / Via

Or maybe we're just plain overdoing it.

skinnygirlintraining / Via

Whatever the most common makeup mistakes we're making are, we want you to tell us about them in the dropbox below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!