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27 Things Married People Wish Someone Told Them Before They Got Married

This is some damn good advice, y'all.

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13. "That it's actually OK to go to bed angry."


"Sometimes you need to sleep on it and resolve to discuss the next day — it helps you get the raw emotion out of the way so you can address the meat of the issue."


14. "I wish I knew how much more I would love my husband as the years went by. On the day of my wedding, I thought my love was the strongest it could ever be. I was wrong."


"14 years, three kids, countless trying times, and lots of laughter later, I am so much more in love than I was that day."



16. "That there might be some post-wedding blues. My husband and I had already been living together before we got married, and we didn't have children right away. So, for a while, it felt like there was nothing to look forward to."


"That's why it's important to make sure you still put the work in to have fun with your spouse, whether that's date nights, movie nights, or even the occasional vacation."


17. "I wish I'd known I was a lesbian before I married a man. Do some self-reflection before you jump into something just because you feel pressured to do so."


"Thankfully I figured it out eventually, and am now happily divorced and dating a woman, like I should have from the start."



25. "That when you get married, you become your spouse's primary source of emotional support. You'll be the first they tell that they got that promotion, but you're also going to be their main source of support when they get passed over for that promotion. And you'll have to balance your own feelings with caring for theirs. 12 years in, I'm still mastering that balance."

26. "That nothing worth having is easy."


"Sometimes marriages fail. People grow and change. Sometimes they find that they were never right for each other to begin with. All you can do is work to be the best version of yourself."


27. "Making communication your biggest priority is crucial. My husband and I are at a point where we can say, 'I hear you and I disagree' without arguing. Well, except when the conversation is about Kanye."

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