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25 Times Moms Got Shamed For Things That Literally Make No Sense

"I was changing my daughter's diaper in the back of my SUV and a stranger said that I was teaching her to expose herself in public."

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most ridiculous thing they got mom-shamed for, and the responses were, well, ridiculous:

1. "I was changing my daughter's diaper in the back of my SUV in a grocery store parking lot and a woman approached us and said that I was 'teaching my daughter to expose herself in public.'"



2. "Recently, my son β€” an only child β€” was bitten by a little girl at his daycare. The daycare director blamed us for not having more children, saying, 'If he had a sibling, he would know what to do when a child bites him.'"


3. "If I had a dollar for every time I was told I'm a subpar mother for having tattoos, I could easily afford college for my straight-A student."



4. "I was mom-shamed while I was pregnant for not having morning sickness."


5. "I was mom-shamed for literally just having my baby outside. I was strolling my four-month-old on the sidewalk when this old man shouted to me, 'My God, what are you doing with that baby outside? Get him out of this pollution!'"



6. "I was mom-shamed for holding my daughter too much. She was SIX DAYS OLD."

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7. "When I was pregnant I went to Target for a flu shot, and as I was leaving a lady hissed at me, "Hope your baby doesn't get autism!"



8. "I was walking my son to the bus stop wearing Little Mermaid pajama pants when another mom looked at me and said, β€œYou could have at least put on yoga pants."

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9. "I was called a 'baby killer' because my baby wasn't wearing eighty degree weather."


10. "A lady went off on me for bringing my 4-year-old son into the bathroom with me at the store. When I told her that I wasn't comfortable sending him into the men's room alone, she told me I shouldn't leave the house without my husband then."

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11. "I got mom-shamed for using a backpack as my diaper bag."


12. "When I said my daughter was one year old instead of fourteen months."



13. "I sometimes put my son's long blonde hair in a bun, and I was once told that the only men who should wear a bun are 'members of Parliament and Sumo wrestlers.'"



14. "I was mom-shamed for not keeping all the art my kid makes in school."

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15. "For not doing Santa at our house. Another mom berated me for 'ruining the magic of Christmas.'"


16. "My wife's college roommate told her that because she had an emergency C-section our son will probably have emotional issues his whole life."



17. "I was mom-shamed for not taking month by month pictures of my baby for social media."



18. "We were at 7-Eleven on free Slurpee day. There was a long line, and by the time my boys and I reached the Slurpee machine, their favorite flavors were all gone. Another mom shamed me for not getting there earlier."



19. "Someone once told me I wear too much makeup to be a mom."


20. "I was grocery shopping with my antsy toddler and we were in a section that had free fruit and cookies for the kids. So I asked my daughter which she wanted, and of course, she said the cookie. After I gave it to her, another mom nearby gave a banana to her son and said β€” directed at me, obviously β€” 'I'm giving you this banana because I love you and don't need to fill you up with sugar so you'll behave.' She then did a little hair flip and walked away."


21. "I was shamed for 'not socializing my child enough' when my daughter wouldn't talk to a person she'd never met...after waking up from a 3-hour roadtrip nap."



22. "For posting on Facebook that having a new baby is hard."


23. "I got mom-shamed by my boss for not achieving the perfect balance between mom life and work. I had been back at work 3 DAYS!"



24. "For singing the Lizzie Borden song in front of my 5-year-old, which was repeated. It was an accident β€” plus, have you ever tried to get a 5-year-old to stop singing a song they like?!"



25. "I was literally mom-shamed for going to Walmart with my newborn son β€” the woman scolded me, saying that Walmart is no place for a new baby."


"I told her if it was good enough for Natalie Portman in Where the Heart Is, then it's good enough for me."


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Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.