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    Mar 8, 2018

    You're Definitely A 90s Kid If Your Mom Did At Least 12 Of These 21 Things

    They're in their own class, really.

    1. Her hair was always perfectly volumized.

    sarahlesner / Via

    2. And she made sure yours was too.

    julierobynj / Via

    'Twas a good decade for hairspray.

    3. She wore mom jeans like they were going out of style because, well, they were.


    4. And she probably had you wearing them, too.

    beanpaige / Via

    5. These VHS tapes were basically her personal trainers: / Via ositodiaz666/

    6. Unless, of course, she was getting it right and tight on one of these:

    flashbackfitnessgirl / Via

    You found it surprisingly difficult to play with.

    7. She captured all of your milestone moments using one of these:

    poisoned_amathyst / Via

    8. And always seemed to be munching on these:

    10xchamp / Via

    You learned the whole "fat free" thing the hard way.

    9. You'd totally watch her set her hair in hot rollers every morning.

    dori_harnett / Via

    10. And TBH, it seemed like she was always in business casual.

    signedhana / Via

    11. She totally drove you to school to the soundtrack of this guy:

    adam_the_realtorpdx / Via

    12. And she definitely dressed you like this for Easter:

    sswalina99 / Via

    Straw hats, white gloves, white purse. Pretty sure all our moms went shopping together.

    13. She got you your own phone line when you were a tween so she didn't have to share talk time with you anymore:

    j_yefremenko / Via


    14. All of Julia Roberts' movies were on her constant VHS rotation.

    TriStar Pictures

    You could say the phrase, "my colors are blush and bashful!" in a perfect Southern accent before the age of 5.

    15. And she'd see any movie with either of these heartthrobs in it:

    TriStar Pictures / Via Paramount Pictures

    They basically ruled that decade.

    16. She changed things up by packing you one of these for lunch from time to time:

    80sbaby90sluv / Via

    So basic, yet so exciting.

    17. And if she was in a really good mood, one of these to go with:

    kylovesdeath / Via

    18. It wasn't unusual to find her curled up with one of these:

    catzie89 / Via

    19. Or on a "long distance call" with her BFF about the latest episode of this:


    20. You didn't have to look too deep in her wallet to find one of these:

    airformosa / Via

    21. Oh, and it was pretty easy to find one of these in there, too:

    noodle_22 / Via


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