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    18 Tweets That Prove Kids Are Hilarious, Weird, And Random As Hell

    "My nephew refused to wear socks because they were puppet bodies."

    1. This kid, who knows his limits and sticks to them:

    Tim Drake / Via Twitter: @timdrake

    2. This kid, who won't have anyone spying on him:

    Elizabeth / Via Twitter: @busy_lizz

    3. This kid, who will do what he wants, where he wants:

    4. This kid, whose greatest fear is...comedians?

    5. This kid, who has a unique way of expressing his anger:

    Victor Pope Jr. / Via Twitter: @victorpopejr

    6. And this kid, who just might be your boss one day:

    7. This kid, who may be in the middle of an identity crisis:

    8. This kid, whose attachment is hard to digest:

    clarissa maestri / Via Twitter: @MaestriClarissa

    9. This kid, who went for an unconventional snack:

    Tomica Neal / Via Twitter: @tomica_neal

    10. This kid, who came to the right decision:

    Dedrie / Via Twitter: @dedrie77

    11. This kid, who's found an interesting new hobby:

    James Breakwell / Via Twitter: @xplodingunicorn

    12. This kid, who is just a little bit scary:

    ADadABeardACanalPandemic / Via Twitter: @DadBeard

    13. And this kid, who made an unexpected cameo:

    Swine Leroux / Via Twitter: @jordieham

    14. This kid, who has never known a love like this before:

    get you someone who looks at you the way my brother looks at potatoes

    sugar / Via Twitter: @_sarahcoates

    15. This kid, who has a slightly disturbing question:

    maddie / Via Twitter: @rnbluke

    16. This kid, whose chosen lovey is a total "hoot":

    pat tobin / Via Twitter: @tastefactory

    17. This kid, who knows how to celebrate a victory:

    Dugan Sherbondy / Via Twitter: @dugansherbondy

    18. And this kid, who's learned at an early age that you win some, you lose some:

    Faceless Ukulele / Via Twitter: @facelessukulele

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