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    17 Hilarious Things Only Really, REALLY Pregnant Women Would Do

    "My nipples are so angry."

    1. Buying enough food for a whole freakin' party...for just you:

    Grocery store cashier: "Having a party tonight?" Me: "Nope, just pregnant."

    2. Using your pool floatie as a pregnancy pillow:

    3. Keeping alllll the snacks right in your nightstand:

    seonaidnichols / Via

    4. Making up phrases about food that only pregnant people would understand:

    Actual words I uttered today while finishing a Subway sandwich: "I wish this footlong was a foreverlong." #notexaggerating #sopregnant

    5. Using office supplies to keep your pants from busting open:

    mrstatergun / Via

    6. And satisfying all of your cravings, no matter how crazy they might sound:

    very spoopmas / Via Twitter: @RougeLikeGirl

    7. Realizing that pregnancy nipples take on minds of their own:

    My nipples are so angry. #pregnancyproblems

    8. Using your pregnancy to get out of going to work:

    mscandy / Via

    9. Using pretty much all of the pillows in the house to make yourself comfortable:

    kauaijoy / Via

    10. Eating the portions of food that you want and leaving the rest:

    schnazzynaz / Via

    11. Waking up with really late night cravings:

    Question 1: Why am I wide awake at 2:25am? Question 2: Why am I starving at 2:25am #pregnancyproblems

    12. Not worrying about how you look with your jeans unbuttoned, because...pregnant belly, y'all:

    In other news.... My jeans have been unbuttoned since noon and fully unzipped since 6pm. #pregnancyperks

    Gracie Prendergast / Via Twitter: @gracie_prend

    13. Doing whatever you have to for your favorite snack:

    mrsjlrussell / Via

    14. Taking full advantage of that maternity parking spot while your partner loads the groceries:

    cecwaggs / Via

    15. Throwing some potato chips in your s'mores for an extra crunch:

    gretchkins / Via

    16. Sleeping whenever and wherever you want:

    Falling asleep at a party and nobody drawing dicks on your face #pregnancyperks

    Elizabeth / Via Twitter: @akidna

    17. And eating allllll the foods and being totally unapologetic about it:

    socalfamilylife / Via

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