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    17 Parents Who Could Make A Living Embarrassing Their Kids

    "Maybe if you didn't vape you wouldn't be sucking for air right now!" — Dad at your hockey game.

    1. This mom, who seriously masters the social media TMI:

    When your mom drops comments on your Facebook! 😂 #SavageMom

    2. This dad, who called out his son's um, extracurricular activities:

    My dad casually shouted at my brother during his hockey game "MAYBE IF YOU DIDNT VAPE YOU WOULDNT BE SUCKING FOR AIR RIGHT NOW" like 20 people turned and looked at us

    3. This mom, who was really feeling herself:

    @ladyhaja Similar situation. In a bar on hols with my teen daughter, scrolling through my phone when the barman came to the table & slid a piece of paper with a number on it towards me. Me, acting all flattered but coy “sorry, I’m in a relationship” was the WiFi code. #embarrassingmom

    4. This dad, who gets artistic at the worst possible times:

    5. These parents, who know how to spread holiday cheer:

    tell me why my parents used my mugshot as our christmas cards this year

    6. This mom, who keeps a bowl of, uh, party favors for her guests:

    7. This dad, who gave his son his own back-to-school soundtrack:

    I just can’t understand why my son wouldn’t walk with me into school. Especially on the first day... #celebration #koolandthegang #FirstDayOfSchool #embarrassingmykids #thatswhatparentsarefor

    8. This mom, whose lunchbox notes are a little different:

    9. This dad, who makes friends really, really easily:

    my mom, sister and i were unpacking in my dorm and my dad sent us this

    10. These parents, who took their support of their kid's reading to another level:

    Tonight my wife & I sang a very enthusiastic rendition of the Reading Rainbow theme song to our 6yo. In public. I think we successfully cemented our status as embarrassing parents, and also killed any love of reading she had. You win some, you lose some.

    11. And this dad, who gave his son the only rubbers he thinks he needs:

    Just bought my son some erasers, because he won't be needing rubbers! #15 #girlfriend #embarrassingdad 😂😂

    12. This mom, who laughs in the face of your iPhone photos:

    13. This dad, who dressed up as deodorant to his daughter's school orientation:

    I just dropped my daughter off at 6th grade orientation @MentorMemorial1 gave her an embarrassing dad hug in front of her friends and then asked them all “are you all wearing deodorant!?!” #dadlife #DaddyDaughter #middleschool

    14. This mom, who didn't read the fine print:

    15. This dad, who has a stellar fashion sense:

    Only my fucking Dad would get socks to match the seats on the tube. Fucking embarrassing 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂

    16. This dad's girlfriend, who isn't quite in 2019:

    My dad’s girlfriend has been taking pictures & recording on her big ass iPad all vacation 🤦🏼‍♀️😅 #soembarrassing

    17. And this mom, who discovered that her oven door sounds like Usher...and will never look back: