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17 Husbands Who Managed To Stay Married During Their Wives' Pregnancies

Get you a husband like this, y'all.

1. This husband, who took a silly picture to make his wife laugh:

kmjphotography / Via

2. This husband, who aided his wife in her search for the perfect pickle:

eight20four0824 / Via

3. This husband, who broke out the tool belt for his wife's ice craving:

Devin Brumfield / Via Twitter: @The1Devin88

4. This husband, who didn't touch that thermostat, no matter how cold he was:

jamie.v.23 / Via

5. This husband, who knows how to apologize to a pregnant woman:

Ashley Goss / Via Twitter: @ms_mojoe

6. This husband, who braved a freakin' blizzard to get his wife's Krispy Kremes:

Jordan Zeplin / Via Twitter: @sweetsjdh

7. And this husband, who supported his wife's, um, less traditional food combos, and even threw in one of his own:

mommanelsonX2 / Via

8. This husband, who made sure his wife didn't have to cut someone:

blaurenh / Via Instagram: @blaurenh

9. This husband, who gave his wife a pedicure when she couldn't reach her toes anymore:

monicaleighrc / Via

10. This husband, who may even be more emotional than his pregnant wife:

kbolt / Via Twitter: @kbolt

11. This husband, who saved his wife from her overactive pregnancy bladder:

thedadview / Via

12. And this husband, who saved his wife from herself:

13. This husband, who let his wife use him to literally prop herself up:

kritta1989 / Via

14. And this husband, who let his wife use him as a footrest:

alycericho / Via

15. This husband, who knows exactly what "the goods" are:

missprincessdianna / Via

16. This husband, who made his wife an offer she couldn't refuse:

blackfrancis / Via

17. And Clyde, who made his wife feel like a million damn bucks.

kelliechristine / Via

Take notes, dads-to-be...