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    16 Married People Whose Spouses Must Go, "What In The World?!" At Least 10 Times A Day

    They left their spouses confused as hell.

    1. This wife, who — for some reason — tried to shred a metal credit card, and this happened:

    2. This husband, who chews gum and then puts it back in the package, like this:

    3. This wife, who grew something very, er, mysterious:

    4. This husband, who has a unique way of cutting pie:

    5. This wife, who tried to make some ice, and somehow, it ended up like this in the freezer:

    6. This husband, who has an unusual idea of what the word "done" means:

    7. This partner, whose mysterious package arrived like this and gave their partner serious reason to pause:

    8. This wife, who — for some reason — leaves all of the jug and carton tops like this:

    9. This wife, who thought it was a good idea to put her spouse's nickname on their lunch bag:

    10. This wife, who opens the cereal like a literal monster:

    11. This wife, who — for some reason — opened the bread like this, and then left it:

    12. This husband, who unpacked the books like this:

    13. This wife, who has a strange, strange way of cutting butter:

    14. This wife, who thought leaving the knives to dry like this was a good idea:

    15. This wife, who put up these hilariously wrong birthday balloons:

    16. And this husband, whose spouse may never buy him a burrito again: