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    16 Husbands Who Will Leave You Scratching Your Head Hard

    Never leave husbands to their own devices.

    1. This husband, who forgot to unpack a banana from his suitcase...for a month:

    2. This husband, whose wife asked him to "cut up" her bell pepper:

    3. This husband, who eats the crust off the whole pizza first:

    4. This husband, who couldn't resist clipping this onto his zipper:

    5. And this husband, who just couldn't resist jumping into the cooler at Costco:

    6. This husband, whose wife asked him to put something under his drinks, so he did:

    7. This husband, who used the window cleaner to make an inappropriate drawing:

    8. This husband, who used so much whipped cream you can't even tell there's a piece of pie under it:

    9. This husband, who changed his wife's lock screen while she was in the bathroom to this:

    10. This husband, who cut the watermelon like this:

    11. And this husband, who used the outside of the watermelon as a hat because why not:

    12. This husband, who hung his towel up in the exact right/wrong place:

    13. This husband, who kept scooping from the same spot in the gallon of ice cream:

    14. This husband, who, for some reason, put his jeans in the freezer:

    15. This husband, who eats his cheesecake like this:

    16. And this husband, who slightly misunderstood his wife's request, but gets an A for effort: