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    16 Hilarious Things Actually Found In Moms' Purses

    "I have some in my purse." — Moms about everything, ever.

    1. This mom had an eight-pack of hot dog buns in her purse:

    bikini_ready_britt / Via

    2. A diet coke, hand cream, two My Little Ponies and, oh, "wine gums"...because, mom life:

    hiebertamanda / Via

    3. Really, really old sour patch kids:

    ooh_shayla / Via

    4. Crunchy peanut butter, because this mom is not here for creamy in her PB&J:

    kaitlynmilby / Via

    5. A pair of Barbies:

    kristindattilo / Via

    6. And if you haven't found a bunch of receipts and a handful of Cheerios in the bottom of your purse, are you even a mom?

    armyofandersens / Via

    7. A handful of loose crayons in case of an art emergency:

    8. A pair of toddler shoes:

    thelittlewingkc / Via

    9. A stapler, because moms are ready for anything:

    sweetpeaconfections / Via

    10. Perhaps the entire produce section of Trader Joe's:

    anahitarajehnaderi / Via

    11. Or if you need something more substantial, this mom's got some sourdough:

    branmike05 / Via

    12. What about clean underwear and glue sticks? Talk about preparation!

    danandmichelle / Via

    13. If you're in a reptilian mood, this mom has a (fake, I hope!) lizard in her purse:

    soaringselflove / Via

    14. And let's face it, we've all found some misplaced Cheetos inside from time to time:

    hollymurf / Via

    15. This mom has the entire snack aisle in her purse, and she's even prepared with a little special mommy turn-up juice too!

    janellgraham_ / Via

    16. In fact, the only thing moms aren't ever prepared enough for is purse clean-out day, amirite?

    efinnelly / Via

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