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    15 Moms Who Are Totally Unapologetic Geniuses

    They have more creativity in their pinkies than you do in your whole body.

    1. This mom, who uses a Pringles can as a candle holder.

    /thenamesnotmark / Via

    2. This mom, who used a diaper as a coffee sleeve so her fingers wouldn't get too cold.

    jazmin_bree / Via

    3. This mom, who sneaks booze into concerts by putting it into her baby's food pouches.

    _fortheloveofhiphop_ / Via

    4. This mom, who stuck her kid's burrito in a popsicle holder to save herself a mess.

    fit_happy_momma / Via

    5. This mom, who used a breast milk bag for her snacks.

    2oots / Via

    6. And this mom, whose kid couldn't wait for their french fries to cool down, so she thought of a way to help.

    kaila_elizabeth_official / Via

    7. This mom, who created "travel boxes" for her kids out of baby wipes containers.

    karen__2.0 / Via

    8. This mom, who carved a monster onto the basement door to keep her kids from going down there.

    itsjessclegg / Via

    9. This mom, who used her kid's wagon to bring in all the groceries at the same time.

    momofa_t1d / Via

    10. And this mom, who took her favorite drink to-go.

    ahotmess2 / Via

    11. This mom, who made "toast fries" and "jam ketchup" to get her kid to eat their breakfast.

    carapoage / Via

    12. This mom, who super-glued those itty-bitty doll shoes to the dolls' feet so they wouldn't get lost anymore.

    okcmomsblog / Via

    13. This mom, who needed to move the table, so she borrowed her kid's skates.

    momma2beans / Via

    14. This mom, who used her baby's old sock to keep her wrapping paper together.

    craftysavvymom / Via

    15. And this mom, who used her shower caddy to get the relaxation she totally deserves.

    milts / Via