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    15 Painfully Funny Cooking Fails That Could Only Be Done By Moms

    They never said we had to be good at everything.

    1. This mom, whose 'pigs in a blanket' look more like charcoal briquettes:

    motorracingphotos / Via

    2. This mom, who made this homemade birthday cake:

    3. This mom, whose eggs are definitely hard-boiled:

    peacepastapositivity / Via

    4. This mom, who accidentally got a little too generous with the pepper:

    angelbee143 / Via

    5. This mom, who made a grilled cheese sandwich that's so black it looks blue:

    cmaeyoung / Via

    6. This mom, whose waffles didn't quite come to fruition:

    ameaningfulmotherhood / Via

    7. This mom, who sent a peculiar S.O.S text:

    apeyhanson / Via

    8. And this mom, who didn't just burn the burgers, she melted the foil, too:

    dustink250 / Via

    9. This mom, who needs a little brushing up on the food pyramid:

    peachykates / Via

    10. This mom, whose toast didn't go as planned:

    itsabiggielife / Via

    11. This mom, who tried to microwave a squash, and her plans were well, squashed:

    katbatjan / Via

    12. This mom, who somehow managed to burn frozen carrots:

    rachel_doehr / Via

    13. This mom, who dropped the ball...and the veggies:

    aprilcardone / Via

    14. This mom, whose bacon ranged from a little undercooked to all the way done:

    hannicpik / Via

    15. And this mom, whose sweet kid left her the cooking instructions he knew she needed:

    chef_liam_hawaii / Via

    "Don't forget to press start."