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    Updated on Jul 31, 2018. Posted on Jul 15, 2018

    15 Friends Who Are Hilariously Evil Jerks

    They're not quite BFF material.

    1. This friend, who's not really the coddling type:

    pippalyttle / Via

    2. This friend, who will selfie the shit out of your moment of distress:

    3. This friend, who will be shady behind your back...literally:

    paisleypapi / Via

    4. This friend, who wasn't able to commit:

    jesschiller / Via

    5. This friend, who probably won't ever remember your birthday:

    destinyfaith143 / Via

    6. And this friend, who definitely will:

    kellymckennamatter / Via

    7. This friend, who makes the important preparations for your arrival:

    roko's modern basilisk / Via Twitter: @kikismythe

    8. This friend, who is like a way-too-honest mirror:

    _sarahjanek / Via

    9. This friend, who schedules a 13% chance of flaking out on you:

    hennanblah / Via

    10. And this friend, whose plant-sitting skills leave much to be desired:

    whitster10 / Via

    11. This friend, who only sends you the important emails:

    12. This friend, who will call out your lack of a dating life:

    dcarb1986 / Via

    13. This friend, who isn't making fun of your misfortune, but:

    meggxhanlon / Via

    14. This friend, who will apply for jobs on your behalf:

    samantha_levesq / Via

    15. And Evan, who will bring you back down to Earth every damn time.

    get_meowt / Via

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