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    14 Hysterical Things Parents Noticed On Their Kids' Toys That Made Them Laugh So Hard They Had To Sit Down

    These parents were not expecting these "surprises."

    1. This parent, who noticed a hilarious — and anatomically correct — detail on their kid's party favors:

    2. This parent, whose kid got a seriously confusing surprise in his Christmas cracker:

    3. This parent, whose kid's onesie wasn't as thought out as it could have been:

    4. This parent, whose kid's toy could've been named way better:

    5. This parent, who noticed a hilarious choice word printed on their kid's diaper:

    6. This kid, whose Xbox gift card code was hysterically, hysterically wrong:

    7. This parent, whose kid's Lego tiger came with a strange detail in exactly the wrong place:

    8. This parent, who noticed an unfortunate misprint in their kid's word search:

    circle around the word cunt

    9. This parent, who noticed that their daughter's dress had a hilarious brand name:

    "dudu cream"

    10. This parent, whose kid's homework had a whopping fail:

    11. This parent, who noticed a hilarious musical phrase on their kid's doctor kit:

    12. This parent, whose daughter's gymnastics venue put up these "coconut tree" balloons:

    13. This parent, who noticed that their kid's birthday balloons had a hysterically misplaced helium filling spot:

    14. And finally, this parent, whose kid's swim diaper had some hilariously cheeky "worst results" care instructions, and I'm falling over laughing:

    "let several poop accumulate, bleach in boiling water with red and white dress shirts, blow dry on roof rack"