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12 Photos That'll Make Grammar Nerds Hold Their Breath, Then 12 That'll Make Them Sigh In Relief

Comma as you are.

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1. Take a look this confusing note, just sitting there, toying with your emotions.

@natlew126 / Instagram / Via

And then this chalkboard message, whose absolute correctness wraps its loving arms around your soul.

@childrensmuseumec / Instagram / Via

2. The message on this cake can make you irrationally angry if you let it.

@evelyn_lacy22 / Instagram / Via

But if these beautifully punctuated birthday cupcakes don't do it for you, I don't know what will.

@wtthe_fudge / Instagram / Via

3. Unquestionably, this Post-it Note gets under your skin and might even make you itch a little.

@bespoke_benny / Instagram / Via

But here's a napkin love note made even sweeter by the correct use of "you're."

@krisabz / Instagram / Via

4. Now check out this poorly written fortune, which needs to retreat back inside the cookie and die.

@djchunks13 / Instagram / Via

And then this fortune, which is basically an orgasm in comma form.

@sultrysole / Instagram / Via

5. How totally cringeworthy when someone sends a text that just has you like, "All parts of no."

@plentyoffail / Instagram / Via

But how healing that there are still those like you out there demanding textcellence.

@tyrannasaurusreen / Instagram / Via

6. And here's a Craigslist post so bad it might make you question the meaning of life altogether.

@muppyjoe / Instagram / Via

But, you guys, the gorgeous commas and semicolons in this letter? Swoon.

@tensietaylor / Instagram / Via

7. And here's a photo of an unacceptable express lane sign that many establishments would implore you to accept.

@csccooney63 / Instagram / Via

But to ease your nerves, here's a photo from a store that totally gets it.

@ladypeter99 / Instagram / Via

8. Try not to scream at this infuriating photo of "bananas by the each."

@_savocado_ / Instagram / Via

But take a deep sigh of relief, knowing that, somewhere, a sweet Grandma's life was spared by a comma.

@cole421 / Instagram / Via

9. Wait, who is "Boy," and why is he the only one who gets to use this bathroom?

@jjhoster / Instagram / Via

And to the magnificent soul who made a little bathroom stall cheat sheet for their brethren — can we hang out?

@brooke_fulton / Instagram / Via

10. How annoying is it when someone's snarks aren't even on your level?

@mrshannahrushforth / Instagram / Via

And how fulfilling is it when someone is both grammatically sound and self-aware?

@coochiemonstapt5 / Instagram / Via

11. Ok, try not to lose your shit at this annoying AF bathroom memo.

@harlemhuntress113 / Instagram / Via

But relish at the sight of this one, which is not only correctly punctuated but also pretty damn lovely, yes? / Instagram / Via

12. And yes, you might be tempted to totally lose faith at the sight of this sad pool sign.

@lulaloe.tracey / Instagram / Via

But allow this teenager dressed up as a sentence diagram for Halloween to give you unrelenting hope for the future.

@lisadawnmiller / Instagram / Via
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