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    I Learned How To Dance In Just 30 Days And Felt Sexy AF

    The key ingredient has to be confidence.

    Learning how to dance takes skill and dedication, but, most importantly, it takes a ton of confidence. That's where Ashly Perez comes in.

    Watch Ashly take on her 30 day dance challenge!

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    So she was absolutely determined to learn how to be sexy while dancing, and she had the following rules when it came to her challenge.

    For her difficult task ahead, she had just the instructor in mind to help her on her journey.

    Kyle had Ashly start with the basics. She practiced walking, body-rolling, making eye contact, and just loosening her body to project more confidence.

    Kyle suggested Ashly go to a ballet class to help with her posture with professional ballerina Melissa Sandvig.

    Once Ashly learned more about alignment, she practiced the routine every single day for an hour until every inch of her body ached.

    And perhaps as a treat for all her hard work, Kyle surprised her with a very special guest: Julianne Hough herself!

    As the 30 days went on, one night Ashly went home and just danced for fun to all her favorite jams. She wanted to feel sexy and, by golly, all of a sudden she loved what she was seeing in the mirror.

    Before she knew it, it was showtime! Though she was nervous, she was ready to kill it!

    Needless to say, her routine was a smash hit with all of her coworkers.