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15 Times Maia Mitchell Was Our Ultimate Girl Crush

The star of ABC Family's The Fosters has found her way into all of our hearts.

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1. She's been a sassy little queen ever since she could carry a backpack.

That leg pop though.

2. And then she grew up to be this pretty lil' babe.

3. She's a proud supporter of marriage equality.

4. She can totally rock flannel, which isn't exactly easy.

5. She takes a lot of adorable pictures with dogs.

6. She has some pretty incredible friends who we're super jealous of.

7. She can rock a pantsuit.

8. She always seems to have fun, no matter where she goes.

9. She used to have a killer septum piercing.



10. She went to a grocery store dressed as a koala.

You know, like you do.

11. She was also in Teen Beach Movie, which is basically the new High School Musical.

12. She's our beloved Callie Jacob on The Fosters, a show that's breaking so many barriers and bringing up lots of important issues.

13. She can be calm, cool, and collected — and still slay at the same time.

14. But we all know she's this little goober at heart.

15. And, finally, she adores her fans. ❤️
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