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16 Dog Vines That Are Good For Rainy Days

Snuggle up with some hot chocolate and watch these big balls of fluff be too cute for this world.

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1. Meet Chubi Chow Chow. He's a living teddy bear in Malaysia.

2. Oops, here he is again. Even teddy bears sneeze sometimes!

3. Meet Mooshie, an Alaskan Malamute who lives in Australia.

Instagram: @malamutemoosh

5. This pup was scared of the fireworks outside, so his mom had him watch some dog videos to calm him down.

6. Get you a dog that can do both.

7. This is Lottie and Grizzly. They're best friends.

8. This is Atlas, an 11 month-old Newfoundland.


9. This pup has big baseball dreams.

10. This is Boomer. He's very sleepy.

11. This doggo has some SKILLZ.

12. BOOP.

13. This pup likes Katy Perry...a lot.

14. This is Maple. She just wants to hold your hand.

15. She also plays musical instruments sometimes.


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