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Even More Mashups That Rock

Matt did such an incredible job of listing some mashups that were amazing. But here are a few more that I think are worth of recognition - especially those that seem like there'd be no way for them to work together.

  • 1. That's Not My Knack

    The Ting Tings Vs The Knack vs Toni Basil

  • 2. Around The Sexy Back

    Daft Punk Vs Justin Timberlake

  • 3. Boulevard Of Things She Said

    Green Day Vs t.A.T.u.

  • 4. Voodoo Milkshake

    Kelis Vs Rogue Traders

  • 5. Joan Jett Will Rock You

    Joan Jett Vs Queen

  • 6. Uptight Religion

    Stevie Wonder Vs REM

  • 7. Pink Nails of War

    NIN Vs Pink Floyd

  • 8. Black is Back

    Public Enemy Vs AC/DC

  • 9. Shake Your Piku

    Chemical Brothers Vs Beastie Boys

  • 10. Somebody Told Me To Feel Good

    The Killers Vs Gorillaz

  • 11. J.C.R.E.A.M.

    Johnny Cash Vs Wu Tang Clan