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5 Things You Need To Go To At London MCM Comic Con 2015

The only time of year you will see a Wookie, Joker, and Spock on the Central Line

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1. Who Run the World? Panel Sunday 3pm

This is the ultimate panel at comic con London this year. Felicia Day (Supernatural); Willa Holland and Rila Fukushima (Arrow); Victoria Smurfit and Merrin Dungey (once Upon a Time); Renee Felice Smith (NCIS:LA); Emily Wickersham (NCIS); Amy Wersching (The Vampire Diaries); and Jadyn Wong (Scorpion) all in one room talking about female tropes in TV, Film and Comics. This will be heaven for every feminist and open minded individual and you don't want to miss it!

2. The Yogscast Behind Closed Doors Friday 6:30pm

For all you Yogscast fans, this is a delight. A Q&A session with the Yogscast people will be a lot of fun but it is extra at £15 a ticket!

3. Vidfest UK all weekend

If you are looking at creating your own videos or want to hear from your favorite video creators, this is the place to be. From how to create a web series (4:30pm Friday) to chats with Mr Weebl (11:30am Sunday), there is lots of stuff for everyone

4. ESL eSports Finals

Love watching competitive League of Legends or CounterStrike? Then ESL at the eSports arena is your thing! Look at their website to see the times and dates all weekend. The teams are battling it out for a £12,000 grand prize so it will be a good fight!

5. Comic Village all weekend

This is one of the grand events. Looking to buy some rare first edition or wanting to meet your favorite comic artists? Then the comic village is the place to go. Open all weekend next to the exhibitors, it will be the place to spend your money.

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