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    Posted on Sep 18, 2015

    6 Types Of Lesbians You've Broken Up With

    Girls, girls, all types of girls.

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    Here are the six types of lesbians you've broken up with:

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    1: Instafamous. Her tweets are generally promotions and she's definitely got over 100K followers on Instagram.

    2: The Pseudo Intellectual. She'll want to cast you in her short film (that she hasn't written yet) and throw around a lot of names of feminist philosophers.

    3: The Vajabond. She's always telling insane stories about her travels. You'll break up because she's noncommittal and emotionally unavailable.

    4: The Straightie. She'll eventually apologize and get back together with her ex-boyfriend.

    5: The Lezbro. In between shotgunning beers, she'll relive her glory days as a college athlete.

    Finally: Your Ex-Girlfriend's Ex. She's got an appetite for drama and might be using you to get back at her ex. It's complicated.