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This Friendship Is The Cutest Thing To Come Out Of "Orange Is The New Black"

Taystee + Piper 4EVA!

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Though Chapman and Taystee's TV relationship is awkward at best.

Image courtesy of Netflix

In real life these two are BEST FREAKING FRIENDS.

Jesse Grant / Stringer / Getty

And frankly they're so adorable together that we can hardly stand it.

Look at how happy they are to be talking a selfie.

They're actually kind of the queens of the friendship selfie.

Here they are on set selfieing* it up with the fabulous CRAZY EYES.

*Selfieing = not actually a word, but let's pretend shall we?
Instagram: @tayjschilling

*Selfieing = not actually a word, but let's pretend shall we?

And with Poussèy.

Don't forget about Nichols!

Here they are mean mugging whilst being photobombed by someone who clearly didn't get the mean mug message.

No worries, these two don't need anyone but each other to stay entertained.

Alright stop, WE CAN'T TAKE IT.

TAYELLE forever (Taylor + Danielle.)

Okay we've officially died of jealousy. BYEEEEE.

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