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    One-Year-Old Accidentally Buys A Car On Her Dad's Smart Phone

    This is why your phone needs a password.

    This is 1-year-old Sorella Stoute. Last week she accidentally bought a car on eBay using her dad's smart phone.

    Luckily for her dad, the car was only $202.50.

    Sorella's dad, Paul Stoute of Portland, Ore., didn't actually realize she had purchased the car until he received a confirmation email from eBay.

    After some thought, Sorella's parents decided to keep the car, restore it, and possibly give it to Sorella for her 16th birthday.

    KOIN 6 News/Dean Barron / Via

    They've even set up a special fund to help restore her new ride.

    Just think of all the possibilities!

    Nicely done, Sorella.

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