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Non-Americans Describing Thanksgiving Is Pretty Hilarious

"Something to do with pilgrims and/or independence."

In honor of Thanksgiving I wrote to four of my friends from outside of the U.S. and asked them tell us what they know about Turkey Day.

1. Describe Thanksgiving in a sentence.

2. What are we celebrating on Thanksgiving?

3. When does Thanksgiving happen each year?

4. When and where was the first Thanksgiving?

5. Who was part of the original Thanksgiving?

6. What do Americans eat on Thanksgiving?

7. What do Americans do with their families on Thanksgiving?

8. What is the closest equivalent in your country to a celebration on the scale of Thanksgiving?

Well at least we all love Christmas (and Grand Final Weekend), right?

Special thanks to Laurence, Solly, Cassie, Jenny, and Simon.