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Non-Americans Describing Thanksgiving Is Pretty Hilarious

"Something to do with pilgrims and/or independence."

In honor of Thanksgiving I wrote to four of my friends from outside of the U.S. and asked them tell us what they know about Turkey Day.

1. Describe Thanksgiving in a sentence.

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English: Being thankful for stuff, and eating turkey.

Scottish: I think it is a time for families to come together and love each other, and love food!

Irish: National celebration which marks the historical event of the first gathering of the pilgrims and native americans but which today has come to represent time for family to come together to give thanks.

Australian: Big few days of feasting to celebrate the end of the harvest?

2. What are we celebrating on Thanksgiving?

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English: Something to do with pilgrims and/or independence.

Scottish: Hmmm I am not actually sure on this one. But I know you are particularly thankful on this day, and you like to say what you are thankful for in life.

Irish: Family and giving thanks, a time to stock of what one has.

Australian: End of the harvest?

3. When does Thanksgiving happen each year?

English: The second to last weekend in November.

Scottish: The last Saturday in November I think.

Irish: The last thursday of November.

Australian: Just before Christmas.

4. When and where was the first Thanksgiving?

English: Absolutely no idea.

Scottish: Don't know this either!

Irish: Approx. 1600? America, haha.

Australian: 1492 or thereabouts!?

5. Who was part of the original Thanksgiving?

English: The pilgrims. Don't know who or what the pilgrims were though!

Scottish: Also don't know!

Irish: The pilgrims or the explorers, the colonisers who landed in America from Europe, and the native people of America.

Australian: Was it something to do with the Pilgrim Fathers?

6. What do Americans eat on Thanksgiving?

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English Turkey, and pumpkin pie.

Scottish: Turkey, mac 'n' cheese, cranberry sauce, vegetables, pumpkin pie (pumpkin everything?)

Irish: Turkey.

Australian: Turkey and Coke?

7. What do Americans do with their families on Thanksgiving?

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English: Have a big turkey dinner together.

Scottish: Eat a lot, spend time together, watch TV, maybe go for a walk?

Irish: Drink beer, eat turkey, and watch college football.

Australian: Get drunk and play charades.

8. What is the closest equivalent in your country to a celebration on the scale of Thanksgiving?

English: Christmas

Scottish: Christmas

Irish: Christmas

Australian: Grand Final Weekend

Well at least we all love Christmas (and Grand Final Weekend), right?

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Special thanks to Laurence, Solly, Cassie, Jenny, and Simon.