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    The Difference Between Boys' And Girls' Nerf Guns

    "Pretty in pink" or "powerful in pink?"

    This is Hasbro's all-new, all-girl Nerf line, "Rebelle."

    Set to debut in stores this fall, girls can now look forward to playing with blasters of the "same performance" as the boy's blasters.

    Girls will have a whole array of butt-kicking blaster options including: The "Heartbreaker Bow"...

    "Pink Crush"

    ... and the "Power Pair," equipped with two whole darts per blaster!

    How many darts to the boys get? 25.

    And the girls? Two.

    Something seems a little "off."

    In addition to each blaster, girls can also buy these "collectible darts" which come in a beautiful cornucopia of pinks, purples, teals, and even a few blacks.

    Oddly enough, the boy's darts only come in a "non-collectible" standard color.

    Currently on Nerf's website you can shop by two genders: "boys" and "both."

    At least now we can all get in on the fun, right?

    Just make sure your bow is the right color.

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