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27 Rare Photos Of The Cast Of "Friends" Will Make You Wish It Was 1994 All Over Again

Could these photos be any more wonderful?

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6. Woah, Joey, getting fresh with Phoebe.

NBC / NBC via Getty Images

Don't you kind of still wish Joey and Phoebe would have ended up together? I mean Mike "Crap Bag" was great, but they just got each other.

10. This picture is confusing on so many levels.

NBC / NBC via Getty Images

1. Where did the duck come from?

2. What is Joey looking at?

3. Why is Phoebe being so serious?

4. Does Rachel know that's a shower head?

5. Ross?

6. Monica seems to be the only one who knows what a camera is.

27. This picture will haunt my dreams in the very best way.

NBC / NBC via Getty Images

Side note: Did anyone else hate Ross' long hair phase? Oh good, I thought it was just me.

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