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    27 Rare Photos Of The Cast Of "Friends" Will Make You Wish It Was 1994 All Over Again

    Could these photos be any more wonderful?

    1. This is the grown-up gang.

    2. But remember when they looked like this? They were such babies.

    3. They were clearly besties from the very beginning.

    4. Look at these faces.

    5. I mean that is friendship.

    6. Woah, Joey, getting fresh with Phoebe.

    7. SO MANY '90s jokes passing through my brain.

    8. Whose idea was it to do this photo shoot?

    9. You know what says true friendship? Junk cars.

    10. This picture is confusing on so many levels.

    11. Awkward position for a photo. Still the most adorable cast.

    12. Ladies hate high heels.

    13. Here they are in what appears to be a glamour shot.

    14. Ross and Rachel cannot keep their hands off of each other.

    15. There is truly nothing in this world as great as fat Monica.

    16. Oh, London.

    17. Remember Emily?

    18. Primary-colored umbrellas, because why not?

    19. Do you even know what this fountain will mean to everyone? DO YOU?!

    20. Rachel is thinking about what people are going to call her haircut.

    21. OK, Phoebe, we see you.

    22. Monica is probably pointing at someone who ate a cookie not over the sink.

    23. It was Ross. She was pointing at Ross.

    24. I bet this is Joey's headshot for Days of Our Lives.

    25. Could these two just quit it already? I couldn't take it then, and I can't take it now.


    27. This picture will haunt my dreams in the very best way.