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How To Piss Off Every Settler Of Catan In Just 14 Moves

Sheep for wheat? Bitch, please!

14. Refuse to trade resources just because you don't want to.

13. Lie about not having a resource, then use it on your next turn.

12. Ask what you need to build when your resource card is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.

11. Constantly ask for clarification as to what people want to trade.

10. Mess up the board when you reach for more resources.

9. Take FOREVER to make a move.

8. Complain about what you should have done vs. what you actually did.

7. Buy up all the development cards so no one else can.

6. Grab the dice before it's your turn.

5. Make ridiculous demands when trading resources.

4. Build a settlement that blocks someone's longest road.

3. Roll a 7 right before someone is about to win.

2. THIS:

1. Finally, refuse to play another game because you already won.