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23 World Festivals You Won't Want To Miss

Add them to your bucket list, because these are once in a lifetime.

1. Snow & Ice Festival β€” Harbin, China

2. Holi β€” Celebrated by Hindus Around the World

3. Cascamorras β€” Baza, Spain

4. Carnevale β€” Venice, Italy

5. Up Helly Aa Fire Festival β€” Lerwick, Scotland

6. Tomorrowland β€” Boom, Belgium

7. Mardi Gras β€” New Orleans

8. Oktoberfest β€” Munich, Germany

9. La Tomatina β€” BuΓ±ol, Spain

10. Albuquerque International Balloon Festival β€” Albuquerque, N.M.

11. Carnaval β€” Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

12. Cooper Hill's Cheese Rolling Festival β€” Gloucester, England

13. Coachella β€” Indio, Calif.

14. Dia de los Muertos β€” Celebrated by Mexicans in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Mexico

15. Running of the Bulls β€” Pamplona, Spain

16. Songkran Water Festival β€” Chiang Mai, Thailand

17. Burning Man β€” Black Rock City, Nev.

18. Kirpinar Oil Wrestling Tournament β€” Erdine, Turkey

19. Wanderlust Yoga Festival β€” Oahu, Hawaii

20. Boryeong Mud Festival β€” Boryeong, South Korea

21. Gay Pride Parade β€” San Francisco

22. Lantern Festival β€” Pingxi, Taiwan

23. Glastonbury β€” Glastonbury, England

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