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23 Famous Dropouts Who Turned Out Just Fine

And you thought you were too cool for school.

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1. Funny lady Ellen DeGeneres dropped out of the University of New Orleans after just one semester. Guess she got the last laugh after all.


5. Ted Turner, the creator of the 24-hour news cycle, was expelled from Brown University after he was caught with a girl in his room. GASP!

7. Steve Jobs dropped out of Reed College to become the father of all things Apple.

Fun fact: Before Jobs left Reed College, he took a calligraphy class that later inspired him to include a wide range of fonts (vs. one standard text) on the first Macs. Thus, one could argue computers have fonts because of Steve Jobs.


11. Whole Foods CEO John Mackey dropped out of the University of Texas after seven years... It was probably time to leave at that point.

12. John Mayer dropped out of Berklee College of Music, only to come back later and major in sex appeal.*

*Fine, you got me — he didn't actually major in sex appeal, but he might as well have.


13. Before YOLO, there was POLO. Ralph Lauren left Baruch College after two semesters to serve in the U.S. Army.

Fun fact: Lauren never actually attended fashion school.


22. Tumblr kajillionaire David Karp dropped out of high school at 14 because his mom suggested he should focus on computers. Life lesson: LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER.