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21 Things People Always Ask When You're From California

Which famous people have you met?

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1. Do you go to the beach all the time?

2. Can you surf?

3. Aren't you afraid of SHARKS?

4. Is this what your life is like?

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5. Do you have a pool in your backyard?

6. Why are you so pale? Don't you tan ALL THE TIME?

7. Do you live near Disneyland?

8. Have you ever seen a movie star?

9. Have you been to a TV show taping before?

10. What's it like to be in an earthquake?

11. Have you ever been in a wildfire? Was it scary?

12. Is traffic really that bad?

13. Why do you call it THE 405 and not I-405?

14. Have you ever been to Laguna Beach?

15. What about the O.C.?

16. What's the difference between NorCal and SoCal?*wp-content*uploads*2012*04*35vifs1.jpg

17. Have you been to the Full House houses?

18. What is Compton like?

19. Have you done a juice cleanse before?

20. Do you have a medical marijuana card? Can I use it?

21. And finally the one question we loved to be asked: Do you eat Mexican food, like, all day long?

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