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    17 Otherworldly Places You Can Visit On Earth

    Wait, I'm confused, is this Utah or Mars?

    There are some places that just don't seem to belong on Earth. Do you expect us to believe this glowing pool of alien juice is lying around somewhere?

    Flickr: 11384441@N06

    Devil's Bathtub β€” Rotorua, New Zealand

    And what about this magical paradise? Where are all the Na'vi?... They must be hiding.

    Flickr: 30827837@N00

    Hraunfossar Waterfalls β€” HΓΊsafell, Iceland

    You're not fooling anyone; this is obviously Mars.

    Flickr: lodz_na_nowo

    El Teide National Park in Tenerife, Canary Islands

    Ever seen what it looks like when a giant glacier melts? It looks like the surface of the moon!

    Flickr: charleslee

    McMurdo Valley β€” Antarctica

    How about this giant puddle of shimmering droplets?

    Flickr: 10843766@N00

    Spotted Lake β€” Osoyoos, Canada

    I'm sorry, is this Saturn or South Dakota? Because I'm confused.

    Flickr: iluvcocacola,

    Badlands National Park β€” South Dakota

    Mesa thinks this is where Jar Jar Binks is from.

    Flickr: duimdog

    Acacus Mountains β€” Ghat, Libya

    Oh, look, it's the long-since-destroyed planet of Krypton. FALSE, IT'S WASHINGTON.

    Gravity Chamber β€” Mount Rainier, Washington

    Those tiny things are PEOPLE! The world is a beautiful place.

    The Wave β€” Paria Canyon, Arizona/Utah Border

    One should never underestimate just how awesome* the Grand Canyon is.

    Alex Noriega / Via

    Grand Canyon National Park β€” Arizona

    *Also let's take a second to collectively reflect on what the word awesome actually implies: Awesome (adj.): extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear.

    And do NOT even get me started on how crazy CAVES are!

    Fingal's Cave β€” Staffa Island, Scotland


    Flickr: dittaeva

    Nigardsbreen Ice Cave β€” Norway

    OK, back to non-caves. How about this giant floating pyramid in the middle of the ocean?

    Ball's Pyramid β€” 10 miles off the Australian Coast

    Or what about the leftover volcanic acid shimmering in the middle of the desert? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!

    Flickr: 52340452@N05

    Dallol Volcanic Acid Pool β€” Ethiopia

    Speaking of volcanoes, THEY FUCKING EXIST. The end.

    Tungurahua Volcano β€” Ecuador

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