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16 Walt Disney Quotes To Help Guide You Through Life

"If you can dream it, you can do it." —Walt Disney

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First some mood music:

1. On becoming the most authentic version of yourself:

2. On not beating yourself up:

3. On the importance of books:

4. On the importance of education:

5. On the things more important than money:

BuzzFeed / Via Hulton Archive

6. On seeing the bright side:

7. On getting over procrastination:

8. On pursing your dreams:

9. On doing what you love:

10. On never giving up:

11. On having conviction:

12. On proving others wrong:

13. On understanding life cannot always be wonderful:

BuzzFeed / Via Disney

14. On staying curious:

15. On living a life full of laughter:

16. And perhaps the truth we all seem to forget most often:

Now go have yourself a magical day.


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