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    28 Signs You Grew Up In Sarasota, Florida

    Because we live where you vacation.

    1. The boat races are your favorite days of the year.

    Comedy Central / Via

    2. You Instagram a picture of the sunset at least once a month.

    3. You graduated with the same people you started Pre-K with.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    4. You’ve raged at the McDonalds on the corner of Bee Ridge and US 41.


    There was truly no better after party.

    5. You know pretty much everyone your age.

    MTV / Via

    And subsequently, it can get ugly.

    6. Nothing will ever compare to SunniBunni.

    7. You’ve gotten your ID taken at Beach Club.

    New Line Cinema / Via

    8. Sarasota Square Mall was the place to be in middle school.

    9. You participated in crew.

    Tabor Academy Crew / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jcgannon

    10. Cotillion was actually pretty fun.

    Disney / Via

    Even if it was just a reason to get all dressed up.

    11. You’ve chilled with hippies at drum circle.

    Fox / Via

    12. Half of your wardrobe is from Shore.


    And you were pleasantly surprised when they opened a restaurant on the top floor.

    13. Tourists are your worst enemy.

    14. With the exception of snowbirds, of course.

    15. You’ve blacked out on Siesta Key Beach.

    16. And at Turkey Trot.

    Dreamworks Pictures / Via

    17. Anddddd again at Santa Stumble.

    18. You lived no more than twenty minutes from the beach.

    19. Either you or one of your friends was very "privileged."

    20. You’ve seen multiple tourists take pictures in front of this statue making "the pose."

    21. You’ve celeb watched every time the Sarasota Film Festival came to town.


    Who could forget the Gerard Butler spotting of 2013?

    22. You feel slightly obligated to brag about having some of the best beaches in the world.

    23. First Fridays at Lakewood Ranch Main Street were the best place to watch old people get wasted.

    24. You went to one of Brian Thomas’ high school raves.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    Detention, anyone?

    25. You’ve seen enough beach weddings to last a lifetime. / Via

    How are you supposed to tan with a priest within ten feet of you?

    26. You went to Palm Bay Beach Club to mess with drunk spring breakers.


    Spring Break Forever.

    27. You know the best place to get a meal is on The Circle.


    That's St. Armands Circle to you foreigners.

    28. And you know that wherever you go in life, it won’t ever compare to Sarasota.

    Renee / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 59064186@N00

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