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    13 Signs You Studied Abroad In Florence, Italy.

    Because you left a big part of your heart in Firenze.

    1. You spent at least half of your budget at Gusta Pizza.

    2. And you slipped a note under the glass table.

    3. At the local mini market, wine is actually cheaper than water.

    4. You've referred to this man as the "Jesus of Florence."

    5. You've climbed to the top of the Duomo…all 463 steps.

    And your legs gave out for a quick second.

    6. You've observed the numerous amount of Asians touring Piazza Della Signora.

    7. Your school made it's mark at Lion's Fountain.

    8. You know the best view of Florence is at the top of the Piazza Michelangelo

    9. No matter how hard you tried, you never won FlorenceForFun's beer pong tournament at Red Garter.

    If you were lucky, you won some chicken wings and tacos.

    10. You took a tumble or two on the cobble stone road.

    11. You had a candid portrait taken at Tenax.

    12. You've taken this shot from Eby's Bar.

    13. Every time you crossed the Arno, it took your breath away.