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4 Reasons The Inventor Of The Muffin Tray Is A Bloody Genius

The top of the muffin is the only good part anyways.

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Muffins are, like, so has-been and the trays are taking up hella space.


But hold on to them during your Spring Cleaning (HA, like you're going to do that) because they're actually useful in a lot of ways other than making dry, crumby, lame-o muffins. Here are four.


2. Shape cookie dough around every other mold so they have room to expand.

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Try not to consume all the leftover cookie dough. Save it for endless cookie bowls in the future by rolling balls of dough, laying them out on parchment paper, and freezing them. Whenever you want to use them, just pull out your frozen dough balls and bake them.


The Serve and Scoop for when several of your BFFs are newly single and it's Valentine's Day and there isn't enough ice cream in the world, let alone toppings.

Watch the full tutorial here.

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