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    Posted on Nov 12, 2013

    "Doctor Who"-Inspired Treats That Won’t Leave You Feeling Like A Slitheen

    Your last party with the Whovians had more candy and junk food than the food court on Satellite 5, but this time it's going to be different.

    Your last party was a little wild.

    Like the sugar and fat induced kind of crazy. But the Doctor is turning 50 which means it's time to class it up a bit.

    1. Sonic Screwdriver

    Oh yeah, we've seen this picture of the Doctor's new red gadget, so this screwdriver should have some ruby tones too.

    This zippy thing? What could be more sonic than a blood orange screwdriver? Recipe here.

    2. Celery

    We should take a note from the 5th Doctor, and if nothing else it probably promotes good dental hygiene.

    This fennel and celery salad will totally protect against those dangerous praxis gases. Recipe here.

    3. Bowties


    In case you needed a little reminding of 11's signature phrase.

    Now we're talking. Recipe here.

    4. Satsumas

    Satsumas are oranges. And you can always count on them.

    These delectable scallops with satsumas shouldn't be any different. Recipe here.

    5. Chicken

    Necessary for detecting tricky Vashta Nerada.

    So sexy, you'd think the Doctor was talking about his TARDIS. Recipe here.

    6. Soufflés

    Our girl Clara wouldn't have it any other way.

    These little cuties show off how clever you really are. Recipe here.

    7. Chips

    It's impossible to talk about Rose and the Doctor without mentioning chips.

    Flickr: smitten

    Nom as much as you'd like. These sweet potatoes wedges are oven roasted and made for snacking. Recipe here.

    8. Jammie Dodgers


    Although 11 has never explicitly said the shortbread cookie is "cool," he certainly has an affinity for them.


    Hello sweetie! Fill these up with a jam of your choice. Recipe here.

    9. Edible Ball Bearings

    Thanks to Rose, we don't have to be K9 to enjoy these silver ball bearings.


    Scrumptious enough to stop the Doctor in his tracks. Recipe here.

    10. Bananas

    View this video on YouTube

    Enough said.

    Bananas pops are practically made for parties. Recipe here.

    Or if you must betray your location to the Daleks....

    11. (Fish) Fingers and Custard


    Can it be a true Whovian gathering without them?


    The real thing is kind of gross, so here’s a sweet version that’s easier to scarf down. Recipe here.

    But for purists, here's something that beats boxed fish sticks.

    With all this splendor, who needs a bowl of Jelly Babies?

    Now kick back and enjoy a fun night with your favorite companions.

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