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Why Korrasami Matters

It's high time LGBT+ people get representation in children's media...and for bisexuals to get recognition.

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For those of you who don't know, the popular nickelodeon show Legend of Korra, sequel to Avatar: the Last Airbender, has come to an end after 4 seasons. Now i'm not going to bore you with the details of the entire episode or series so i'm just getting straight to the point.

(warning, spoilers ahead)

In the last few moments of the finale, characters Korra and Asami decide to have a vacation together, alone, in the spirit world as they hold hands and gaze deeply into each others eyes whilst entering the spirit portal.

I don't know about you but that doesn't sound heterosexual in any way, considering the fact that the scene was meant to parallel the ending of The Last Airbender where characters Aang and Katara kiss, thus solidifying their relationship.

Some fans of the series have complained that there was a lack of development in their relationship despite the fact that their relationship has been built up since the beggining of book 3 and trust me, there have been A LOT of hints. The problem is that our world is so heteronormative to a point that any same-sex interaction is, by default, platonic until proven otherwise and vice versa for opposite-sex interactions.

However, the ending itself was left to be ambiguous. Even if Korra and Asami were portrayed as an opposite sex couple, we shouldn't assume that they are in a romantic relationship. Platonic relationships are just as important!

That is until co-creator of the series, Bryan Konietzko, confirmed it on a recent tumblr post in which he made VERY valid points as to why they intended to make korrasami canon.

click here for the post

And here's why korrasami's canonity is so important:

Lets face it people, it's 2014! We need to provide a platform for LGBT+ people to have a voice in the media, especially children's media! We are seeing a shift in culture when it comes to queer representation in mainstream media but not children's media, and that is very problematic.

LGB youth are 4 times more likely to commit suicide than their straight peers.

Nearly half of young transgender people have seriously thought about taking their lives, and one quarter report having made a suicide attempt.

82% of LGBT youth had problems during the previous year with bullying about sexual orientation.

64% felt unsafe at school due to sexual orientation.

44% felt unsafe at school due to gender identification.

32% did not go to school for at least one day because of feeling unsafe.

(statistics from Trevor Project and

LGBT voices need to be repersented in kid's media to remind children that:

1) it's ok to be you and...

2) respect other people because everyone is different.

Also, Korra and Asami are BISEXUALS in a gay relationship. Bi-erasure is another serious problem in mainstream media considering bisexuality and any other polysexual orientations are stigmatized and/or aren't acknowledged.

52 percent of the LGB people identifiy as bisexual

Almost 60 percent of bisexual people reported they have heard biphobic jokes or comments in their workplace, making it a hostile work environment.

(statistics from

Whether you hate it, accept it, embrace it, gotten over it or ship Makorra, remember that there are youths out there who are hurt, bullied, beat, disowned, killed or are willing to kill themselves thanks to a toxic culture we have cultivated.

And it's time that changed.

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