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    10 Signs You're Home For CSU's Homecoming & Family Weekend

    You won't have to look far.

    1. When you hear the Marching Band.

    Don't ever stop filling our ears with the happiness of 1,000 plumes.

    2. When you don't recognize campus. And then you see Clark.

    3. When you see your best friend is still here.

    4. When you break out your 10-year-old CSU shirt.

    5. When you reunite with long-lost Rams.

    6. When all the trees in Fort Collins are Green and Gold.

    7. When you're brushing up on the CSU Fight Song.

    8. When you're spending time with your kid. Or your kid's kids.

    9. When you're at Hughes cheering on the Rams.

    10. When you feel like you've never left.