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The Most Followed Artists On Twitter & The Real Reasons Why People Do

The truth to why so many people are following these stars.

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Here are the top followed people in music of 2013

17. Nicki Minaj

Nikki Minaj the best selling female rap artist OF ALL TIME.

Now even though some people may consider her more of pop the star is out spoken and empowering to women. Many like her style and outrageous looks along with her risque music videos and hit songs. She's the it girl, and clearly on her gig American Idol - isn't afraid to say what she thinks.

16. Selena Gomez

The Disney actress turned hit singer has millions of followers due to her history in the entertainment industry. Selena she hit real star power when she started dating Justin Bieber, and even admired it in an interview as well. When dating the biggest star in the industry she was bound to - and certainly did - get more good and bad attention because of Justin. Even after the breakup, the star still commands attention and has her tour on her own.

15. Bruno Mars

Why are so many following Bruno? Well, people actually pay attention to his music and old soul yet stylish persona. Mars is nominated for a few Grammy's this year while pulling and yanking heart strings with his songs, "When I was your Man," and "Locked Out of Heaven" and that's just to name a few.

It's good to know even while Miley was twerking and swinging naked on a wrecking ball people are still obviously paying attention to good music and personality in 2013.

14. Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys has so many followers mainly because she is a legend in the music industry. She isn't in the limelight like she used to be but obviously many still care about the powerhouse vocalist. We seen her almost everyone promoting and singing her newest song, "GIrl on Fire," and if you haven't heard of it you may be living under a rock.

Regardless if you like, love or are indifferent to her, Alicia Keys can sing and her brand has lasted over a decade, and into the millennium of Twitter followers.

13. Harry Styles & One Direction

If you don't know who he is, then you have been living under the rock, or off the internet in the last year...or older than 25.

Seriously speaking, Harry is arguably the favorite member of the British band One Direction and girls LOVE him. The reason he has so many followers is because of that alone. Girls of all ages constantly tweet him and even create accounts to grab his attention. With his charming personality girls think he is the total package. He's almost as loved - heck, many even more loved than Justin Bieber and it's actually surprising he doesn't have more followers.

12. Adele

Adele is high on this list. She doesn't tweet that often, only tweeting twice in December and once in September, but when she does many people pay attention. Adele is known for an amazing voice and hit songs about love so rest assured she has this many followers at least because of one thing - her talent. With little to no gimmicks in her performances, choreography or publicity stunts, the singer proves that solely being a class act with an amazing voice still can will a good portion of twitter.

11. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato, a young Disney actress turned singer is loved on Twitter. Its not just her voice they love, but it is her down to earth, outspoken personality that people are drawn to, and the main reason why her presence on The X Factor was a hit. The singer/actress is a real girl who embraces beauty at all sizes, and her fans love and support her - clearly in big number on Twitter - because she has overcome hardships such as cutting and depression - not an easy task to do.

10. Pink

JUST GIVE ME A REASON she wouldn't be in this list. With her hit song this year, "Just give me a reason" her twitter blew up and starting making her more current in the music industry. Hell, she had short hair and an edgy, "I do what i want" attitude before Miley Cyrus even started her began acting. Pink is a legend in the industry with more than a decade producing hits and proving that you can still kind of become relevant after you die your hair Pink.

9. Shakira

She has so many twitter followers because she is sorta like the Latin Beyonce

.... Those hips don't lie.

Shakira is a sex symbol and has some serious vocals. Her gig at The Voice proves her likability, and star power even more.

8. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez or notability known as "J-lo" is a singer, actress, and entertainer

She is a gorgeous women and men love her; voted as Most Beautiful women, having multiple fragrances, a successful clothing line - and not to mention an ongoing gig at American Idol, Jennifer is a house hold name and, at the least, a quadruple threat.

7. Justin Timberlake

Justin finally came back to music this year with his new album that nearly everyone and their mom loved. He brought sexy back in 2007 but with his new, "20/20 Experience Album," girls all over the world swooned over this singer.

Most girls went crazy on twitter when he preformed this year for his Tribute at the MTV music awards show. Justin is a chart-topper and has produced hits for over a decade. Everyone loved him a decade ago and clearly, nothing has changed.

6. Rhianna

Why Rhianna has so many followers?

Well, Rhianna is a top chart topping artist who even flourishes in a "Beyonce Dominated World." This singer was famous enough already, but the Chris Brown incident, her career blew up even more. Rhianna - stronger than ever and her bad girl attitude makes everyone love her, not to mention being one of the most popular (and interesting) celebrities on Instagram. She exposes her life and lets her fans in and lets everyone in on her extravagant life. Really - she lives like a rock star - and people eat that up.

5. Britney Spears

Britney - the orginal Pop Princess from the 90's. Even though some would say she never truly got back to her old star status after her hardships in the early 2000's- we still love her.

Brittney is followed because of her status as a pop icon - as the glamorous singer from her "Lucky" days to her new album, Britney never stops. Now the star, after a decade of hits, launches her self-titled Vegas Residency, "Britney Jean."

4. Taylor Swift

The queen of breakups songs. That's why people love her; she writes and sings about relatable songs. Whether you like or hate her, she is always in the press with - or without - a man. Her lyrics depict want many of is feel and her life related songs make her that much more likable.

3. Lady GaGa

Lady GaGa has so many twitter followers only because she creative an empire off the weird, crazy, and creative. Whether you love or hate the "Poker Face" star Lady Gaga originally got people talking for her outrageous outfits and music videos. Noted as the modern day Queen of Pop, GaGa gives a voice for people who are different and embraces being - and loving yourself.

2. Justin Bieber

With many more more twitter followers than Taylor, 7 million more to be exact - most people follow Bieber are Believers who are obsessed with him.

Justin has set multiple records, including Youtube ones with billions of hits. With the recent trouble he is getting into including urinating in public, having a paparazzi die over trying to take his picture, doing multiple graffiti taggings, and controversial tweets make everyone want a piece of him - or at least follow for entertainment purposes. Love or hate him, it looks like Bieber dominates the Twitter-sphere.

1. Katy Perry

Why is she the most followed person on Twitter? Because sex sells, people write catchy music for her, and her humble personality makes the star relatable.

And Katy keeps cashing in.

The singer's, "I Kissed A Girl," top hit is every guys dream. Her summer hit of 2010 was "California Gurls" featuring her taking about, "melting your Popsicle" with ice cream shooting out of her bra. This is her second best selling single, with her first being "Firework," with fireworks shooting out of her chest. She flaunts her chesty-figure and looks to get ahead, and built a career on it and ofcourse her catchy songs she realeases.


Wake up Katy

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