20 Other Jobs Mark Sanchez Might Be Good At

Now that Mark has let his hair down and taken his place on the bench, here are a few occupations we think he should try out. Get well soon, buddy!

1. Aerobics instructor

3. A delicate massage therapist

4. Receptionist

5. A hair stylist with a heart of gold

7. The best flare bartender in Atlantic City

8. Professional hackey sacker

9. A Dancing With The Stars contestant

10. The next Bachelor

11. The star of Cirque Du Soleil

12. Dog walker

13. The new face of Pantene Pro-V

14. Cab driver

15. A college hunk who moves junk

16. The newest member of *Nsync

17. Maitre d’

18. An eloquent figure skater

19. A youth soccer phenom

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