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15 Life Lessons The Golden Girls Taught Us

Thank you for being a friend, Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia and Rose.

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1. Treat your mom right - she'll probably be the one who has to bail you out of jail one day

2. It's good to have a healthy amount of self esteem

3. There will always be a friend nearby who knows exactly how to cheer you up

4. Science is science

5. It's ok to be honest

6. Pizza is the key to a long and healthy life

7. Don't be afraid to show off the girls every once in a while

8. Take your friends advice

9. Always practice safe sex!

10. Never, ever take yourself too seriously

11. Dance like no one is watching

12. Learn how to entertain yourself

13. Choose your words carefully

14. Don't get too worked up over the small stuff

15. When all else fails, eat cheesecake

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