• The Magic School Bus

    The Magic School Bus

    “I knew I should have stayed at home today!” Silly Arnold, if you stayed at home you wouldn’t have learned about your digestive tract, sound waves, or outer space! [Episode list here]

  • Reading Rainbow

    Reading Rainbow

    For the first 10 years of my life, I knew LeVar Burton’s character on Star Trek as “the Reading Rainbow guy.” My favorite episode was “Opt: An Illusionary Tale.

  • Bill Nye the Science Guy

    Bill Nye the Science Guy

    Fact: Kids like weird experiments. Bill Nye will do them… and you will learn how it works! Mr. Nye was basically my science teacher throughout middle school.

  • WishBone


    I seriously learned all the classics through WishBone. Watching this show made high school literature so much easier. WishBone’s also adorable, just saying. [List of WishBone episodes]

  • Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

    Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

    Thank you, Mr. Rogers, for teaching how sneakers are made, what pediatricians are, and that when I take the plug out of the bathtub I won’t go down the drain.

  • Sesame Street

    Sesame Street

    Not only hip with popular culture, Sesame Street has taught me the alphabet, how to count, and how to use my imagination.

  • Dora the Explorer

    Dora the Explorer

    Okay, so… not on Public Access Television… and it wasn’t broadcasting when I was really young… BUT SERIOUSLY, I learned ALL the Spanish I know from Dora the Explorer. Vámonos!